• Artist Showcase!

    Artist Showcase!

    For the past couple of weeks some of my work has been on display at Klekolo World Coffee in Middletown, CT as part of an artist showcase run by my magazine Black Noise. Our opening night was a great time and I appreciate everyone who came out! If you haven't yet, head down to Klekolo on Court St. and check out all the amazing work from the artists that are on display and grab some of the best damn coffee in CT!

    My work has also found a home at Night Shade Horror Boutique on West Middle in Manchester, CT where you can check it out and also purchase prints and support a small business and independent artist at the same time!

    Thank you to everyone who has shown some love for my work!

  • A little update on what's been going on...

    On the writing end of things, I recently released my newest book "The River Runs South". You can snag a free digital copy at the tab at the top of the screen and hard copies can be purchased on Amazon at The River Runs South ...I would like to thank author Heath Mensher once again for writing the forward to it and much love to Crowley the snek for modeling for the cover!

    When it comes to photography, my newest portfolio is now up. "Lot 44" is the second installment in my "Dark Web" series and featured model Cherry Lynn. This set is not for the faint of heart and definitely carries with it a trigger warning, but you can check it out at Lot 44 ...

    I also have a few projects in the works including an upcoming collaboration with fellow photographer The Tilted Tripod and body paint artist James Rosa. Stay tuned!

    April is winding down and we are preparing at Black Noise for the release of our May issue which is going to be loaded with content! Featuring post punk/cabaret duo Frenchy and the Punk, hip hop artist Johnny Polygon and more, you don't want to miss this one! While you wait you can grab our April issue at Issue 27

    I am currently booking shoots for May and into the summer, so if you need some photos done in the CT/MA/RI area, be sure to hit me up! Booking

    Much love to everyone who has been checking out the latest projects and showing some love!

    -J Desade

  • Lot 44...

    Lot 44...

    So in the past couple days I have finished putting together a new series of photos for you all from a shoot with model Cherry Lynn the other day and later today I will be putting that up. It is going to be the second installment in a series I am slowly putting together over time and I will state that it is NOT for everyone. A big trigger disclaimer on this project and I don't say that lightly.

    So stay tuned for "Lot 44" featuring Cherry Lynn coming later today...for now, enjoy the first installment of this project that I put out awhile back with Emmy Rouge... (Not suitable for children, work or those easily triggered)

    Lot 43

  • The River Runs South release...

    The River Runs South release...

    Happy 4/20 everyone! The River Runs South is now available! You can grab a free digital copy Here! This book is a very personal project to me, written on late night drives through the backroads of New England in a stream of consciousness format with no editing to the text other than spelling...I would like to thank author Heath Mensher for writing the foreword and a big thank you to "Hissabella" for allowing me to have one of her snakes, Crowley, model for the cover. I hope you all enjoy a glimpse into how my mind works.

  • Coming 4.20.24

    Coming 4.20.24

    I would like to send much love to Heath Mensher for the amazing forward to this project!

    The River Runs South will be released on 4.20.24!
    Digital copies will be free for all and hard copies will be available on Amazon or directly from me.

    Stay tuned!

  • The River Runs South

    The River Runs South

    The other day I spent putting the finishing touches on a project that has been continuously evolving over the past five years. It has been a strange journey watching it take on a life of it's own as I just sit back, let music flood the world and watch landscapes of New England flow past as I let the words flow, however they might come. I like to think of the project as the blood of my soul, raw and honest as it blooms out from my inner dialogue and gives a glimpse to the world of what is underneath the surface.

    What started as an experiment in stream of consciousness with We Were Sick With Laughter & Sick Ourselves, has blossomed into a deeper meaning with Above Slanted Halo & Below Bloody Hoof and as it spills to the pages has taken on the n ext part of it's journey with The River Runs South, that will be out later this year.

    As with the last two incarnations, the digital copies of this book will be free and physical copies will be available on Amazon and I am excited to announce that it will also include a forward from author/film maker/musician Heath Mensher! A release date for this will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

  • Been a bit...

    Been a bit...

    Noticed that it has been a bit since I posted an update, so here we go!

    So first, on the downside of things, Take My Hand, a short film from Angela Casey and myself will be temporarily on hold. It will however happen, just might be a little bit as we look to find a replacement for some staff on it.

    I recently added some new photos to the page, be sure to scroll through and check them out! I plan to release two new portfolios in the coming months as well. On the writing end of things there are a couple projects currently in the works and more will be coming on those soon, so stay tuned!

    As always, be sure to go check out my magazine Black Noise, links to all of the back issues can be found on the tab at the top of the page!

  • WIP...


    So for those who have been following my writing for awhile, you probably know about an evolving project of mine with stream of consciousness writing...it originally started out being written on late night drives on the backroads of New England as an exercise in this style of writing and became We Were Sick With Laughter & Sick Ourselves...after that was released I felt that it wasn't complete and so more was written and that evolved into Above Slanted Halo & Below Bloody Hoof...this project is my random sporadic thoughts, a glimpse into my soul, turned into a poetic expression of thought...so the writing has continued and here is a little teaser of the newest installment to it... (As this is a passion project of mine, physical copies are available on Amazon, however you can download Above Slanted Halo & Below Bloody Hoof free here at josefdesade.com)

    WIP -

    Memories, he scoffed?
    What good truly comes of memories?
    All that memory brings us in the end is pain.
    Painful thoughts of those who have passed on...
    The betrayal of a lover...
    A stark remembrance of that which brings tears to the eye of the beholder...
    But alas, perhaps that is what memories are good for?
    What would be the poet without the recollection of the dearly departed?
    What beautiful prayers would be whispered to the heavens without evoking the pain of the heart?
    Without the sorrow of the soul, what tales would be weaved of love and loss?
    Perhaps memory is the blood that spills from a quill upon ivory pages,
    A memory within itself to remind us that someone was there.

    Death of an ideal, shattered fantasy,
    The curtain veils cold pageantry,
    Time crawling by; grains of sand,
    Severed at the wrist; red left hand,
    Downturned eyes, iniquitous whispers,
    Disregarded words and unheard vespers,
    As night slowly descends,
    Act over, no time to make amends,
    Unfulfilled dreams, once sacramentary,
    Left to fester; a forgotten memory,
    The light of the moon tracing silent lips,
    Wishes decay; an aspiration remiss.

    Surrounded by ghosts and disintegrating names,
    The past catching up; dead reclaimed,
    In the midnight hours the beatings are so cruel,
    Ink spilled on ivory paper like broken postules,
    The death of an aspiration, a silent elegy,
    An unwelcome corpse that rots irreverently,
    Whispering sweet nothings from bone dry lips,
    Brittle words whose meaning has been long eclipsed,
    The ravages of time slowly tick on by,
    Scavenger eyes and hungry flies,
    Awaiting the feast laid upon forgotten altars,
    At which love sorrowfully faltered,
    A sacrifice to the spirit of doubt,
    A decree of fate not quite fleshed out,
    As the dust settles at the kiss of dawn,
    And the shadows become withdrawn,
    Shed skin left amongst sputtering flames,
    A memory of warm lips and a forgotten name,
    Taken away on a exhaled breath,
    An empty shell, a soul bereft.

    Closing doors, a silver sliver amongst blinking eyes,
    Winding roads and cliches...ramble on...
    A whisper into the darkness
    Subtle chimes in the crisp air
    Drive on...
    Enveloped...devoured by the night,
    Talking again in my sleep
    Whimpers and howls
    Reflected light
    Vague imprints
    Of something...
    Or at least at one time there was something
    But now it lay still
    Playing dead
    Roll over.
    Open your eyes and silently scream
    The scars of time, pantomime
    The crowd erupts in laughter
    A round of applause
    Take a bow
    The smoke clears and you find yourself amongst ghosts,
    Wandering halls, waiting for you,
    Looming hills, winding roads,
    The trees form a canopy, sentries standing guard,
    Watching and waiting
    Dust to dust
    Hungrily they watch us turn to ash
    Consuming us
    Rebirth; a mother weeps,
    Universal vibrations
    Music drifting along a cosmic stream
    The pavement ends
    A sliver in the sky amongst blinking eyes
    Artificial light, jagged corpses riding high
    Stories of loss, the tragedy of life,
    Always balancing along the edge of the knife,
    Along the serpents scales,
    Shimmering, the life behind us pales,
    Reawakened, a million blinking eyes
    The road ends
    Infinite possibilities
    Infinite vibrations
    Infinite doors
    Exhale; dream
    Along the serpent's scales
    Murmurs of forgotten tales...

    Petals torn, fluttering one by one to the ground,
    A silent pain, collapsing without a sound,
    Petrified, barren dreamscapes on once fertile land,
    Aspirations cut down, no legs on which to stand,
    Illusions of an idyllist, the poet screams,
    Dolorous and forlorn, no love left to bleed,
    An empty vessel, laid to rest,
    A vacancy betwixt souls, that once were blessed,
    Blind eyes turned, a string swiftly severed,
    Tears the unit by which we measure,
    The significance of a fleeting moment,
    The consequence of a fleeing bestowment,
    That slipped between fingertips that softly grasped,
    For a wrinkle in time that faded too fast,
    As the distance grows between two shores,
    The ocean swallows the visionary who mourns,
    For from rose tinted glasses heaven had been glimpsed,
    A taste of perfection from lips softly kissed,
    That set fire to the world and everything known,
    And planted a hope, which prayed to grow.

    Fluttering snowflakes under a moonless sky,
    An unsolved puzzle, a silent sigh,
    Cool night air, melancholy breath,
    A single wish whispered to whatever gods are left,
    Silence; reflections and a kiss,
    Of a slow blowing wind and reveries reminisce,
    Broken glass and scattered sand,
    Scarlet stains beside an inkstand,
    An imprint of a soul, words upon tattered page,
    Preordained fate, the trial of a sage,
    As the wheel spins slowly in reverse,
    Solitary star above; a gift or curse,
    Divination, by leg bound,
    Between land and water, temperance found...

  • Take My Hand - Update 01

    Take My Hand - Update 01

    Happy Wednesday everyone! A little update for those coming along with us on this journey...

    Last week we began breaking the story into scenes and are beginning to work out details for each. We have selected our cast and are looking forward to working one on one with each of them for the scenes they will be in.

    Behind the scenes...
    We have brought in Matt DaSilva of EverClear Studios to help us with filming and may be bringing in one more when it comes to that aspect of the film.

    When it comes to the audio aspect of things, we will be working with Erin Rutledge and KSlate when the time comes and KSlate has also begun working on ideas when it comes to soundtrack and we are really excited about seeing what creations are inspired by this...

    Last but not least, we have brought on board makeup artist Porcelaine Depino to work with us on the gory details to come...

    Angela and myself would like to thank everyone who immediately was down to help with this project and keep an eye out for the next update!

  • Take My Hand

    Take My Hand

    Some exciting news...

    So I recently finished working on a short story titled "Take My Hand" which was inspired by artist Angela Casey-Brown ( Angela Casey-Brown ) and we have decided to turn it into a short film!

    We have finished casting for it and have put together a team for audio/visual and makeup and are currently in the stage of planning out each scene...stay tuned for more details!

  • As Summer Crawls to an End...

    As Summer Crawls to an End...

    Summer has been crawling by and as we near it's end I have a few things in the works...

    Be sure to swing by my portfolios section where I have added some new photos and a section of articles.

    After a marathon of writing in the Spring, I took most of the summer off from writing except for little things here and there, as the cool breeze of fall creeps nearer I am slowly getting back into my writing mode...expect more to come from that soon!

    When it comes to my photography I currently have two portfolios in the works. One puts a focus on partial body shots and the other is delving into the taboo of impact play in the kink scene. I am taking volunteers for both projects right now, if you are interested in taking part, shoot me an e-mail at Desadeist@gmail.com with the subject line "New Portfolios".

    Also, be sure to check out all the awesome content we have over at the magazine I run! You can find it at Black Noise

    That's it for now, thank you all for the support!

    -J Desade

  • A Much Needed Update...

    A Much Needed Update...

    It has been awhile since I posted an update and this morning I finally got around to a much needed sprucing up to the site...

    So be sure to go to the portfolios where I have added updates to the book section, poetry section and I also have added my short stories Lubricious Musings, or a Dead Bed of Roses, as well as Hooves for you all to read for free! Also, as always check out my photography portfolios that are constantly changing. I am also still offering a free e-book of Above Slanted Halo & Beneath Bloody Hoof which is a stream of consciousness project of mine that has evolved over the years under multiple titles.

    I hope that you all enjoy the new content and be sure to check out the magazine I run, Black Noise, where we feature different independent creatives each month!

    Black Noise Magazine

    -J Desade

  • My stream of consciousness writing has been ever evolving over the years. Initially I released "We Were Sick With Laughter & Sick Ourselves" after a series of late night drives to nowhere and the writing that they inspired. After the book was released however, I didn't feel as if it was quite finished, which led to a second collaborative book with author Pasta Fagioli titled "A Moment Held, A Moment Gone".

    As this project is very special to me and a journal of types of my inner monologue over the years on numerous topics, I once again found myself back at editing and from that I bring you "Above Slanted Halo & Below Bloody Hoof" which is an edited continuation of We Were Sick With Laughter & Sick Ourselves and my portions of A Moment Held, A Moment Gone. I present this project to you completely free in digital format and I hope that you all enjoy this glimpse into how my mind processes things and share it with your friends. The project can be found at the tab at the top of the page!

    As time goes on there is a good chance that this project will evolve once again, so keep an eye out in the future and thank you all for the support!

    -J Desade

  • Thank You!

    Thank You!

    As 2022 comes to a close...

    It is hard to believe that eleven months ago in the middle of the night I was listening to the Night Fever Podcast run by James St. James and a random thought about doing an interview blog and a conversation led to what Black Noise has become. In the past year I have watched as a community of like minded artistic individuals formed and began to support this project and it has been amazing to see. In 11 months we have had over 1200 downloads in 14 different countries with the only real promotion being word of mouth. I cannot state enough, thank you to everyone who has shown some love!

    We have had the privilege to be in contact with an amazing lineup of indie creatives in our first year. From artists to authors, clowns, erotic hypnotists and more; we have been able to put a spotlight to many creatives and intriguing degenerates. As we prepare to enter 2023, we have an exciting lineup for all of you readers coming soon, as well as the launch of our YouTube/TikTok channels so we can bring you all a little more of a glimpse into the worlds of our features.

    I would like to show some love to all of our past features, poets and other contributors, you all helped to make this magazine happen! To our staff of volunteers, thank you for all the work you have put in to this and of course last but not least to all of our readers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that you will continue to show your support and help give some exposure to individuals who deserve it! As always, we take open submissions for possible features, poetry, art and articles at blacknoisezine13@gmail.com. Much love to you all and enjoy our December recap issue! #supportindie

    J Desade

    P.S. - We will be launching a street team in early 2023, if you would like to sign up for it shoot a message over to BNPromo13@gmail.com with the subject lineup street team!

    IG - black_noise_magazine

  • Interview With Black Noise Magazine

    Interview With Black Noise Magazine

    In October I was interviewed by artist Mortimer Dempsey for Black Noise Magazine (www.facebook.com/blacknoisezine)...here is the full text -

    MD - In one of your bios, you mentioned that you were “introduced to classic horror and science fiction...at an early age.” Throughout the years, I've noticed that many of the more “transgressive” artists were monster kids. What were some of your favorite films, fiction and/or comic books as a kid that you still love today? How do you think these childhood obsessions influence your work in recent years?

    JD - Growing up my father was a huge horror fan, so I ended up seeing and reading a lot of things I probably shouldn't have at an early age. I definitely have to say as far as movies Hellraiser first and foremost. My dad had me watch it at seven years old and that scene where the architect comes out of the wall gave me nightmares for weeks and has always stuck with me. Philip Decker from Nightbreed and Michael Myers I would definitely say as well. As far as literature, I devoured anything I could from Clive Barker and pre-1996 Stephen King early in childhood, as well as Dante's Inferno which has always stuck with me as far as imagery is concerned. I wasn't that big into comics, but the artwork from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark was definitely a big one for me. I would definitely say that they impact my work in the last decade, having a huge influence on how I touch on taboo subjects such as the fetish/bdsm community, religion, discrimination and the likes.

    MD – I can definitely recognize and relate to the profound influence of Hellraiser, considering that the film was the first time—that I can recall—that the aesthetics and ideas of the BDSM subculture was thrust onto mainstream audiences.

    JD - Blue Velvet beat Hellraiser by a year, at least that is the earliest somewhat mainstream one I can think of.

    MD - When do you think your interests first started to shift from fictional monsters to more real-life horrors, and why? Many of your works have the air of crime scene photography, so can we assume you have some interest in true crime?

    JD - I don't feel that my interests have shifted from fictional monsters to real-life horrors as a lot of my influences are one and the same. Nightbreed is discrimination in disguise, Hellraiser touches on real taboos in a fanciful way...most of the monsters we see in movies and literature are far more than that, they represent every day horrors in a way that we are able to easier digest by showing them in a "fun" format, if anything I would say that my interests have shifted to showing the cold reality of these things, taking away the costumes that our current society prefers and delivering it in a style that makes people uncomfortable.

    JD - As far as true crime, I do find it interesting, especially the psychology behind serial killers but I think that a lot of the air of a crime scene comes from my models not faking it. I find a lot of people to work with in the BDSM scene here in New England, so the majority of violence, bruises, knife cuts, etc. isn't staged at all. If you look at my portfolio "Lot 43" or "I Want To See The Devil In Us All, none of the shots were faked or using makeup for effect.

    MD - When it comes to your photography, is it safe to say that I see influences from the likes of Diane Arbus and Richard Kern? Is their a particular photographer or artist who has educated your approach to photography more than any other?

    JD - I'm a little embarrassed to say that I had no idea who those photographers were until I looked them up and recognized some of their work haha...I personally make a point to not look at other photographers work very often because I don't want their personal styles to seep into my own as much. With my photography I am entirely self taught through trial and error, however two photographers that did have a major impact on me were Robert Mapplethorpe and Olga Karlovac. Robert is fairly well known, but if you haven't seen Olga's work you should check it out, it is simply beautiful.

    MD – Mapplethorpe also came to mind when viewing your work. I'm also familiar with Karlovac's work, but I didn't make the connection until you mentioned it.

    MD - Although you seem to switch effortlessly from rich color palettes to chiaroscuro throughout your various portfolios, I get the impression that you are most comfortable with B&W or desaturated, muted tones. Is this an aesthetic preference?

    JD - When it comes to my use of chiaroscuro and black & white it is interesting to some people, but a lot of people find it really odd. When I am shooting a scene, whether vibrant colors or not, I see the final shot in my head in black and white. It is something I have always done and a lot of people find it odd, but it just is how I naturally see a shot I am taking, devoid of color. I do lean towards that style more because of that, but also I feel that in a lot of cases it gives it a less distracted, more raw feeling to the viewer than it would in full color, so it definitely has become an aesthetic choice for me.

    MD - Although it's probably on a case-by-case basis, when it comes to your photo shoots, how much is pre-meditated and choreographed versus improvised and organic? Likewise, how much is dictated by you as the photographer versus the model/s in question? Regardless of the balance, I get the distinct feeling that they are ultimately collaborative efforts in every sense of the word.

    JD - When I go into most of my shoots I only usually have a vague concept of what I plan to do. A large portion of them are improvised on the spot, especially the darker ones I have done with models from the kink community. I prefer an organic experience for the viewer over something completely choreographed and staged, because when you factor in that a lot of the things going on in my shoots are actually happening, choreographing them would take away the genuine experience and beauty of the acts being performed. For the most part I allow the models to lose themselves in the scene with limited guidance. The only ones I really choreograph out are large shoots with more than three models involved and even then for the most part the models are given quite a bit of freedom to "become" the scene organically.

    MD – Out of all of your already impressive portfolios, I personally found “Vulnerability” to be one of the most hard-hitting and touching collections. Some of the pieces evoked similar qualities to Arbus' work (without being derivative), which is why brought her up earlier. From my experience, most of the best photographic artists have—at some point—attempted to capture the both the frailty and the inherent strength of the human spirit, and how experiences etches itself onto an individual's physical nature. How did this particular series come about?

    JD - My vulnerability series came about from a mixture of needing a project for the winter last year and my friend J.C. wanting to do a photoshoot that portrayed what he was feeling inside as he came out to his family and friends. From the rawness of these original shots came this project where the goal was to capture a reflection of the human experience, unabashed and flawed, yet serenely beautiful.

    MD – How difficult is it for you to juggle your career as a transgressive artist with that of being a mainstream photographer-for-hire? Have you had any situations where a customer of the latter has discovered your penchant for the former?

    JD - I hear a lot of bad jokes…haha…surprisingly it hasn't been much of a juggling act. For the most part there has been a lot of curiosity about my work when I do family portraits or weddings, but nothing really negative has come from it. I am also extremely open about things and don't try to sweep it under the bed, so normally when someone comes to me to book something, they are already well aware of my art.

    MD – Backwards-thinking purists aside, photography was once rejected as a “pure” art form, but has since been almost universally accepted. Likewise, digital art suffered similar indignities and stigmatization at the turn of the century, but is now gaining traction as a valid form of artistic expression. Currently, art created by various “Artificial Intelligence” seems to be all the rage on the Internet, although it seems to be putting a large number of artists and art aficionados on the offensive. How do you view this new “medium,” and how do you think it will affect the future of art?

    JD - I personally am not a fan, although I respect the application. I feel that as things become ever more digital and automated that it removes the soul from the art. I think that humans as they experience new technology have a tendency to become overly infatuated with the use of it and with each new thing we may gain some good applications, but we lose a part of what makes us human when we forget what came before. Eventually everything becomes nothing but a faint remembrance that we look back on fondly for only fleeting moments. That being said, I do appreciate the use of artificial intelligence when it comes to the editing aspect of things. The quality of programs that utilize AI over ones that don't is leaps and bounds apart when it comes to details.

    MD – Judging from some of your past shoots you must have witnessed some interesting experiences, would you like to share one?

    JD – I have definitely had some wild shoots, some that stand out are waterboarding someone in my garage in the middle of winter and a penguin voyeurism shoot haha...but the one that I would say was the most memorable was a shoot for my portfolio “I Want To See The Devil In Us All” with two veterans of the New England bdsm scene (thank you once again Dasade & EmeraldAsh) that I was honored to work with. That shoot began very quickly with a rope around the neck and a slap to the face with the words “Scene started…” being said with loving care. Throughout the shoot a variety of implements were used as well as force, up to and including knife play (do not try at home please). If you look at the photos from that session, there is no makeup or special fx being used - each bruise, welt and cut in them is real. The blood is real, the expressions on the model are all real. The intensity of that shoot is one that will always stay with me, it was like crossing into another realm as the rest of the world disappeared as the lens captured each brutal, yet beautiful moment.

    MD – To wrap this interview up, do you have any projects in the works?

    JD – When it comes to my photography I almost always have something going on. Currently I finished up a portfolio with a theme of vulnerability that I am going to be pitching to some galleries and I am also working on a horror themed book which will be titled “A Book Of Terrible Things” which will be mixing my photography with my writing (www.facebook.com/desadeist). I also have available currently a book of some of my work titled “Provocateur”, which features my portfolios I Want To See The Devil In Us All, Meditation Through Masochism and a small selection of miscellanious softer photos titled Aftercare. Copies of that can be purchased directly from me at www.facebook.com/cimmeriantranquilityphoto. For those who may be interested in my other non-photography projects, I have begun to delve a bit into short film which can be found on my website www.josefdesade.com and I just released the second book in a dark fantasy series I am writing which is available on Amazon. (Tohu Wa-Bohu, Scattered On The Wind & Tohu Wa-Bohu Blood & Clay).

  • A Book Of Terrible Things

    A Book Of Terrible Things

    Last week I released my second book of photography, A Book Of Terrible Things. This hardcover 8.5x11" book contains pieces of my horror photography, complimented by pieces of flash writing to set the scene and give an extra sense of dread to each photo. Printed in high quality color, it is a great addition to the collection for horror fans of all types! I hope that you all enjoy it and much love to everyone who has shown some support!

    You can find it at A Book Of Terrible Things

  • Give Me Your Nightmares!

    Give Me Your Nightmares!

    I have a new project in the works and I need the help of all of you! I am currently in the process of collecting the childhood nightmares of various people. Everyone has that one nightmare that has always stuck with them from childhood, I want to hear it! If you would like to share yours with me, contact me on facebook in DMs at www.facebook.com/desadeist or by e-mail at Desadeist@gmail.com.

    The project I have in the works will be a collaborative project with folk horror artist Justell Vonk, so be prepared...some of these may come to life!

  • Feature & Book Release

    Feature & Book Release

    Good morning everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am featured for the month of October in Black Noise Magazine where I sat down and had a chat with Mortimer Dempsey about my photography and creative process. Be sure to grab a copy of that issue at https://bit.ly/3dRSPdr

    Also, October 17th is nearing and with that comes the release of Tohu Wa-Bohu, Blood & Clay which is book two in this dark fantasy world I have been creating. Keep an eye out for more to come!

  • As Fall Nears...

    As Fall Nears...

    A little news as the summer drags to an end...

    I am happy to announce that Tohu Wa-Bohu - Blood & Clay which is book two in the Tohu Wa-Bohu series will be released on October 17, 2022! This book continues to follow Eurydice & Bas as the dark fantasy world deepens and darkness descends on the realm of mortals. Featuring the cover art of Abby Williams (Lucky Sparrow - facebook.com/luckysparrowartgallery) it will be available on Amazon, so keep an eye out! You can also grab Tohu Wa-Bohu (Book 1) and its companion book, Scattered On The Wind, on Amazon.

    As far as photography goes, I have been working a lot lately with model Emmie Rock (https://onlyfans.com/femfetish) and we have had some great shoots! Be sure to take a minute to look under the portfolio section of this page at our latest set [Vi]r[c]tu[e] : A Modest Delight In A Downcast Heart.

    I also wanted to announce that I will be the October feature in Black Noise Magazine! Joining me will be fire/snake handler Enchantress Divine (https://enchantressdivine.com/) and the poetry of Camo Salve! Be sure to follow Black Noise on fb at facebook.com/blacknoisezine and on IG @black_noise_magazine.

  • July Updates

    July Updates

    A little update on creative projects...

    -First and foremost, if you haven't checked out the magazine I run, be sure to grab a copy of Black Noise! Digital copies are free! Each month we feature independent creatives and alternative lifestyles...this month was our first themed issue celebrating festival culture.
    -I've been taking a little break on the writing end of things but some news is coming! Book 2 of Tohu Wa-Bohu is off to the artist ( Lucky Sparrow ) for the cover to be worked on and a release date is pending! If you have been joining Bas in his adventures in this dark fantasy series, follow my page The Writing Of Josef Desade for updates that will be coming! If you haven't read it yet, grab bokk one "Tohu Wa-Bohu" on Amazon, as well as the companion book "Scattered On The Wind" which delves into the backstory of Bas.
    -On the photography end of things I have been super busy as usual...I have been collaborating with artist Mortimer Dempsey from Washington on a project mixing our work together, prints are available for that. My vulnerability portfolio has been completed and I will be submitting it to galleries annnnd I am starting on the writing portion of a new photo book that showcases some of my horror art, which will be titled "A Book Of Terrible Things"... follow Cimmerian Tranquility Photography to stay up to date on all the happenings!
    -One final note, due to my busy schedule and how much time Black Noise takes, I have decided to end the chapter on my indie poetry press, Dead On A Doorstep. The newest issue is out and as always free to download...there will be two more issues coming out in October and January and after that it will be closing on my end, however it may be taken ovee by others, so stay up to date at the page for more details.

    Much love to all of you who have shown some love for my endless projects! ❤️❤️


    Check out Abby's work at www.facebook.com/luckysparrowartgallery

  • June Updates

    June Updates

    Hope that everyone has been having a great month so far! It has been busy here and I have been taking a break from writing after my marathon two months of writing over 100,000 words to work on some other projects.

    I have been collaborating with artist Mortimer Dempsey, mixing my photography with his digital art and those pieces are in the portfolio section of my page if you want to check them out.

    Yesterday I finished the last shoot for my vulnerability themed portfolio after a few months of working on it and I encourage you all to go check it out in the portfolio section! Next begins the annoying process of submitting to magazines and galleries...

    Issue 5 of Black Noise is now out! You can head over to facebook.com/blacknoisezine and grab a free download, or buy a physical copy on Amazon! This month featured artist Mortimer Dempsey and author/podcaster sleepingirl, who specializes in Hypnokink!

    Finally, I am taking submissions for the last three issues of Dead On A Doorstep currently. In February 2023, DOAD will be closing its pages, so get your poetry submissions in to be featured in the final three! (facebook.com/doadne)

    That is about it for now!

  • Announcement


    I am pleased to announce that I am currently collaborating with artist Mortimer Dempsey, mixing my photography with his digit art. You can check out some of it in the portfolio tab at "The proud encasing of another soul, buried deep 'neath the shroud...".
    Framed prints in multiple sizes, 8x10 canvases and metal prints are available of each and there will be some more coming! So check it out and place an order today!

  • April Updates

    April Updates

    Hope that everyone has been having a great start to Spring! I just wanted to take a break from projects and give a little update to everyone...

    For my photography I have been working on a couple new portfolios, one of which will be a new book of "nightmares"...be sure to keep an eye out for more information on that in the upcoming months...I also am currently taking a couple more volunteers for a vulnerability themed portfolio...interested parties contact me!

    I recently finished my ambassadorship as a penguin ambassador for a project with artist Michael Dassle! For this project I was given a 6'3 penguin suit to work with and take on adventures for a gallery he is putting together. I am just the first photographer to have the suit and you can check out some of that on IG at @dasslestudio.

    I am currently working on a new short film with Michael Dassle as well...if you haven't already be sure to check out my newest one, "AMTh" and waste two minutes of your day! You can find that over at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOksLZOWQ962XgUDRWhcRQ

    When it comes to my writing, I recently released Once Upon A Midnight Lechery, which is a collection of some wicked short stories. I will also be announcing a release date for Tohu Wa-Bohu Book 2, Blood & Clay! Currently Abby Williams of Lucky Sparrow Art Gallery is working on the cover and I am quite excited to see how it is going to look. Be sure to grab book 1 Tohu Wa-Bohu and its companion book Scattered On The Wind on Amazon so you can get all caught up before book 2 is out!

    Much love to everyone for the support!

    -J Desade

  • Coming soon...

    Coming soon...

    This weekend Once Upon A Midnight Lechery will be available on Amazon!

    In Once Upon A Midnight Lechery, Josef Desade invites you to delve into a dark world of BDSM themed horror. Featuring three wicked short stories, the filters are off and anything goes as Damali finds herself in a Sadean world where her life has become one of servitude and sadism...Ready...set...action...the cameras are live and an imperious voyeurism is the rule in this reality show...Corpses don't feel...corpses don't feel...cold ice against shivering skin as a disturbing fetish unfolds...

    Once Upon A Midnight Lechery includes -

    Lubricious Musings, Or A Dead Bed Of Roses
    In The Red Room
    Corpus Delicti

  • Coffee, Cats & A Manuscript 1/7/22

    Coffee, Cats & A Manuscript 1/7/22

    Good morning and happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all had a great holiday and were able to avoid this outbreak of the rona...

    So getting right into it...Black Noise is coming! Recently I partnered with a friend on this project and it has gone from a little interview blog into a full magazine! More details are to come on this, but for now check out our page at facebook.com/blacknoisezine! Our first issue will be out in February!

    On the writing end of things, I have been working on book three of Tohu Wa-Bohu and editing book 2 still...things have been progressing along nicely on those and I can't wait to bring the readers the next installment of the adventures of Bas and the others...I am also happy to announce that I will be welcoming back Abby Williams of Lucky Sparrow Art with the cover of book two!

    In other news, Dead On A Doorstep has officially switched over to a quarterly format. For more news on that head over to www.facebook.com/doadne

    That's about it for now! Much love to you all!

  • Black Noise

    Black Noise

    Hey everyone, just a little update...in 2022 I will be starting a little blog that will be conversations with independent creatives and intriguing degenerates..I am aiming to have the first one up sometime in January, so stay tuned!

  • Cats, Coffee & A Manuscript 10/27/21

    Cats, Coffee & A Manuscript 10/27/21

    Good morning everyone,

    As I sit here with two sleeping kittens beside me and sip some coffee on this rainy Autumn morning I figured I would give a little update...

    First and foremost, digital pre-orders of Scattered On The Wind, The Tale of Basil & Naja are now available! This Tohu Wa-Bohu companion book that follows Basil as he travels back into the past to face his demons in an attempt to cleanse his soul will be out on All Souls Day! (Nov. 2, 2021)

    Also, coming November first will be the 22nd issue of Dead On A Doorstep! This issue is a little different than most and features all Haikus! Hard to believe it has been almost two years since I started this little indie press, but thank you all for the support! Back issues can be found on the Dead On A Doorstep Indie Press tab above.

    I am currently in the editing phase of book 2 of Tohu Wa-Bohu, that will be out in Spring of 2022. Also, I am currently working on writing book 3, so keep checking back for details on that.

    On the photography end of things...I am currently looking for models for some winter projects, if anyone is interested in the Connecticut/Massachusetts/Rhode Island area, please contact me at Desadeist@gmail.com for details. No specific gender requirements, so don't be shy, hit me up! I am also in the process of working on branching out into making short films, more details to come.

    As always, thank you all for the support!

    -J Desade

  • Cats, Coffee & A Manuscript 10/14/2021

    Cats, Coffee & A Manuscript 10/14/2021

    An update on writing/photography projects...

    Been busy lately...

    Tohu Wa-Bohu as always is available on Amazon.
    Scattered On The Wind, The Tale of Basil & Naja which is a Tohu companion book featuring the artwork of James Rosa will be out on November 2, 2021! Tohu Wa-Bohu - Blood & Clay, the second book of the trilogy is slated for a Spring 23' release.
    I am currently working on writing book three of Tohu Wa-Bohu, as well as Ol' Scratch, which will pick up where the trilogy ends in this dark fantasy world.

    A Moment Held, A Moment Gone/Let Us Compare Neurologies is currently available! This project was a poetic stream of consciousness book written with my friend and fellow poet, Pasta Fagioli. Same book, two different covers...go check it out!

    I held the first contest for a free limited print (only 13 copies) book, titled Keliauti. This hardcover book is selections of poetry from my first three poetry books and is marking the end of a series of poetry books for me. The first winner was Aaron Berlin from New York! I will be running the next contest in a couple of weeks.

    On the photography end of things, I have just recently finished my big horror shoot for the year, Home Sweet Home, which can be found in the portfolio section here, along with other shoots such as Sparkle Motion and I Want To See The Devil In Us All.

    I am also currently in the process of creating my own tarot deck, as well as putting together a new book of photography which will be titled "Night/Mære". As always, I am looking for models for new projects, no experience necessary. If you may be interested, contact me at Desadeist@gmail.com.

    That is about it for now! Thank you all for the support!

    Facebook - www.facebook.com/desadeist
    IG - @illusion_is_the_only_reality
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/cimmeriantranquilityphoto
    IG - @cimmerian_tranquility_photo

  • A Moment Held, A Moment Gone

    A Moment Held, A Moment Gone

    Coming soon...

    A prayer whispered to the winter sky...a wish thrown into the void...held close to the heart, for what it's worth...as we pass by darkened windows; vacant eyes, our reflection a vague recollection...our names forgotten, our memories like a dandelion, blown to the stars
    above...for none of it is needed here. I can’t
    understand why you don’t understand. Play My
    Back Pages, the original version, at the time of
    my death –
    It will explain everything,
    you just have to listen...

  • WIP

    This is a piece I wrote for an upcoming project with my friend and author Pasta Fagioli (https://www.amazon.com/Pasta-Fagioli/e/B08HKK2WMZ/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1)

    Cracks in the pavement...the weeds poking through on the cracked blacktop...a slow decay as nature takes back what was stolen. The smell of shit fast food and exhaust on a nice cool breeze, take another drag off the cancer stick. Exhale, watching the smoke drift off to join the poison in the air, just doing my part. Taking in the explosion of vibrant color, it's amazing what happens when humans disappear for a fucking year...the planet heals. Two years in a fog, the world at a standstill as dumbfucks argue back and forth over who is right about this and that, but what the fuck does it even matter? Sure doesn't to me...sick of the electronic babble, transmitted headaches and bullshit. The secret is, no one is going to change their views, fuck that noise. I'll stick to ink and words, sailing over an ocean of paper and actual thought. But what is a thought? I feel as if the majority of the population has forgotten what one is, big secret folks, you are all sheep. A rabbit in the middle of the road, the sound of an engine nears. Flip of a coin, wonder if it will live...childhood recollections of a time when we remembered how to forgive, the vultures circling as they eye a meal, just more carbon for the universe to steal...shudder to a stop...peter rabbit goes hop hop hop...in the safety of the shade, death's bounty today it evades....ashes to ashes, snubbed to dust, you should always have a healthy distrust of warning labels, or they should at least be fucking creative and write fables...but the storytellers have all been consumed, subliminal marketing MUST resume...we have schedules to keep you poor fucks, assume the position and get ready to suck....we have such a juicy treat ready for you....we see you salivating in the queue...tik tok and twerking...products and jerking...as long as you keep working...down to the bone, up against the grinding stone...your ashes will be offered to the gods, just smile and nod...in and out of fentanyl dreams, ignore reality falling apart at the seams, for we have your cure, another needle, yes we're sure...the wise hawk circles above, swooping in to give our friend the rabbit some love...circle of life and all that shit...goddamn this party called life is lit, until the party stops...it's only a matter of time as the clock tick tocks...cerulean shades, scarlet blood from failed raids...the tears of children are what the machine is fed, maybe we would be better off dead...illegal tenants who stopped paying rent...we didn't understand what the terms of service meant...and now we boohoo and cry that we are going to sue, but our mother can't be threatened or wooed...the door shuts as a father cries, eviction notices served on the fly...for we are too thick headed to see it coming, distracted by novelties and assholes we are tonguing...then it hits as twilight descends, a moment of clarity, a moment of comprehension...a clearing of misapprehensions as we peer into the heavens and feel the weight of midnight confessions and forgotten lays, whispered rejections and ancient ways...beneath the cold stare of apathetic stars and self inflicted scars...for a moment we feel small, humbled beneath creations pall...insignificant little fucks that usurp and destroy, children playing cowboy...bang bang...sturm und drang...the scene ends and we head back home, leaving the woods for creatures of the night to roam...keep the candles lit to keep back the monsters of which ancestors writ...primal fear, senseless dejection...condemn those with a curious inflection...seek the safety of picket fences and well maintained lawns, stick to your emoticons...for what is outside is far too dangerous, freedom is traitorous...what does it matter, as we hang from Jacob's ladder? A pitchfork to our ass, and unrealized dreams to our mind, just a species on a decline, that is coordinated so well that we don't hear the tolling of the bell, but we hear the ringtones that poison the sky, ignoring the signs that pass us by...our ancestors would be ashamed...their temples left profaned by their own flesh, but we insist that we are blessed. We know better.

    Swaying in the breeze, taking in the air that we breathe...the sweet music of the birds and the bees, colors beyond hues our eyes see...sunlight softly caresses skin, the fragrance of lily kings, as we travel as bedouins, seeking a forgotten spring of eternal youth, that we glimpse through half-truths that peer out from between the lines, eternal, unbound from time...for we are the heirs to an inheritance of forgotten knowledge that we sweep under the rug and refuse to acknowledge...would be progenitors, entranced by chicanery and execrable habidashers...too blind to see...too blind to see...tear out the eyes...perception bastardized...read from the spaces between...adrenachrome and caffeine, a puff of smoke and nicotine...rhythmic repetition...rhythmic repetition...rhythmic repetition...pineal gland condition....pineal gland condition...passify the toxic emissions....rhythmic repetition...vibing on astral transmissions...rhythmic reptition...third eye wide...we're gassed up and ready to ride out into the open sea, the winding road all there is between you and me...serpent introspection, rhythmic repetition...following the scales towards extrasensory perception...soul on the slab ready for dissection...cold surgical steel, autopsy reminisces...glimpsing what lays beyond subconscious abysses...

  • Cats, Coffee, & A Manuscript 7/19/21

    Cats, Coffee, & A Manuscript 7/19/21

    A little update for everyone on what has been going on...

    I have updated my portfolio "Vulnerability" to include a few newer shots. Be sure to check that out.

    On the writing end of things, I also recently added a "Books" page, where you can see everything that I have put out, as well as some little bits about the books. All of them are available on Amazon...wink...wink...
    I am currently wrapping up the first draft of book two of Tohu Wa-Bohu; Blood & Clay, and am hoping that by the end of this week that will be set so that I can start editing Scattered On The Wind, which for those who don't know is a companion book to the series that goes over the backstory of Bas. Be sure to keep an eye out for both of those coming in the next year! I also recently held a contest where the winner would be written into a future book as a character, and I would just like to congratulate the winner, Ron!

    That's about it for now, have a great week everyone!

    J Desade

  • A little update...

    A little update...

    Hey everyone, just a little update for you all on what has been going on...

    Some changes have been made to the website, and I am working on getting more of my writing up here, as well as a shop page for items that can't be purchased on Amazon.
    On the photography end of things I have been busy with weddings and such, so I haven't really done a lot lately. However, I am now offering vintage style framed oval portraits, you can see the first one over on IG or Facebook! Also, my book Provocatuer can be purchased from my fb page currently.
    On the writing end I have been super busy...

    Tohu Wa-Bohu as of this moment has 6 five star ratings, and it has been selling great! Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy! It can be purchased on Amazon in paperback, as well as digital format. Hardcovers are available directly through me. This is book 1 of a series, so keep your eyes out for more.
    Speaking of which, I have finished writing Scattered On The Wind (A Tohu Wa-Bohu companion story) which will be out this fall. This book gives the story of Bas from Tohu Wa-Bohu, which is a re-occuring main character that will be in the Tohu series. I have partnered up with James Rosa on the artwork for the cover, more to come on all of that as editing continues.
    I am also currently working on book 2 of Tohu Wa-Bohu which I am aiming to have out next spring! The progress has been going pretty well as the characters take on more of a life of their own, and the plot thickens. Currently I am 28k+ words in, and only a quarter of the way done. I will be giving some more updates in the following months on both of those books.

    That's about it for now, much love to you all for the support!
    -J Desade

  • National Poetry Month! Free Download

    National Poetry Month! Free Download

    Seeing as it is #nationalpoetrymonth until the end of April, I am giving away free digital copies of my first poetry book, 12 Past Midnight; A Journey Into The Shadow! This is the 5 year anniversary edition, featuring the artwork of Gareth Walsh...so grab your free copy before April ends!


  • Cats, coffee, and a manuscript 1/31/21

    Cats, coffee, and a manuscript 1/31/21

    Hope you all have been keeping warm in these freezing temperatures...

    I just wanted to give a couple quick updates to you all...
    I will have a limited quantity (10) of pre-release copies of Tohu Wa-Bohu available soon! These will be available only to CT residents...these are paperback pre-release "proof" copies, and each one will be signed! Once they arrive, these ten copies will be $10 a piece. They will be on a first come, first serve basis...so keep your eyes out!

    Also, I will be running a contest in the near future. Tohu Wa-Bohu will be my first book that is available in hardcover, and to celebrate that I will be giving away the first one printed, along with an added bonus to be announced...details to come in the near future!

    Much love to all of you for the show of support!

    J Desade

  • Cats, coffee, and a manuscript 1/21/21

    Cats, coffee, and a manuscript 1/21/21

    So today, before I start editing I thought I would give you a little glimpse into my process when it comes to characters, and scenarios...one of the things I hear from a lot of people when they read my work is wow...that was a really fucked up scene...and you made it seem so realistic...for those of you who have not read my writing before, a lot of my stories touch on taboo subjects, and in an extreme way...when it comes to getting these scenes right, I have grown into the habit of interviewing people who have lived through the events being portrayed...I have always felt that if you can't bring a scene to life, you shouldn't write it, and what better way to paint it than from the viewpoint of someone who has lived it? A voyueristic approach to subjects that most would prefer not to touch, I feel has become a favorite past time of the age of the internet...we all want to peer into the darkness, and catch a glimpse of what is there...and sometimes the boogeymen live not under our beds, but in our friends.

  • Cats, coffee, and a manuscript (The Why The F*** Am I Up So Early Edition)

    Cats, coffee, and a manuscript (The Why The F*** Am I Up So Early Edition)

    Good morning to you all...first, I would like to show you all the amazing artwork of Lucky Sparrow (facebook.com/luckysparrowartgallery) for the cover of my book, Tohu Wa-Bohu...be sure to give her a follow!

    Moving on to the book itself...a little bit of background into it for you all...

    Tohu Wa-Bohu is actually two stories intertwined as one...the first follows Eurydice; the Ahheyr, as she travels through Hell, and the throne rooms of the demons in the hierarchy of Hell on a sacred duty from God. Along the way, she faces terrible sights, as well as visions of what each demon is causing to happen in the earthly realm; each with their own associated sin...but what will she find in the end? On the flip side, in the earthly realm we see the start of the rise of a demonic kingdom in our plane of existence, as an apostate priest, and a crazed prophet lead the lambs astray, while an unwitting wanderer begins to realize that something is not right at all...

    This book is actually the start of a world that I am creating, that is two years in the making so far, and it will be the first book in a trilogy. Currently, when I am not editing this one I am working on planning out the next two books, as well as other books that will be affiliated with it as they delve deeper into the backgrounds of some of the characters, and their adventures. This has been a massive project so far, as far as the research goes. I have been putting in hours, looking into the hierarchy of hell; as well as the Talmudic, and Christian beliefs behind each demon. I hope that you have all been enjoying the ride with the teasers, and will keep checking back for updates on the release later this year!

    Much love to you all for the support!
    -J Desade

  • On Writing...

    On Writing...

    One of my New Year resolutions I guess you could say, is to get more about my writing up on the site...so here we go!

    So for those who are unaware, I am an indie author from Manchester, CT...I write a mixture of different of different things ranging from horror/fantasy, to poetry, and stream of consciousness writing. You can find my books on Amazon @ Josef Desade

    I am currently working on a novel, titled Tohu Wa-bohu, which is fantasy/horror. I just finished the first draft this past week, after two years of research/writing, and am entering the editing phase. It has been pretty exciting to watch this all come together, as the end goal is to create my own little realm. Tohu Wa-bohu is the first book in a trilogy to come, and is two stories intertwined...I am also excited to be working with Abby of Lucky Sparrow Art Gallery, you can find her work on IG & Facebook. Keep checking back for more updates to come!

    -J Desade

  • Diary Of A Mad "Pornographer"

    When you do photoshoots involving BDSM there are a lot of misperceptions about what you do. You face a lot of backlash from people out of ignorance, and social taboos when you aren't afraid to show it to the world, and hear a lot of really, really, really....let me say it again one more time...really bad jokes from people. When I started my first project with a focus on the scene; aptly named, I Want To See The Devil In Us All, I found a lot of people had no real concept of what I was trying to do, and noticed very quickly that a lot of people just assumed I was making porn. You form a tough skin quickly in this genre of photography, and learn to stop trying to explain to people what you are aiming to do, and let the work speak for itself. One of the things I noticed for me personally, was that people have a really hard time understanding that it isn't sexual at all to me. This first project, was meant to unsettle the viewer, to knock them from the pedestal they had built of what they felt was socially acceptable norms, and open their eyes (whether they wanted to, or not), to the fact that their social constructs were merely a facade for what people in their communities were afraid to openly express, for fear of judgement. It was about breaking down barriers in a world that has become increasingly PC, and has embraced censorship, and cancel culture, as a means to keep blinders on to opinions/views that differ from theirs. It was about showing beauty in unexpected places. As Robert Mapplethorpe said, "Beauty and the devil are the same thing."

  • Meditation Through Masochism...

    Yesterday, a shoot I have been putting together for the past couple months finally came to fruition. The theme being meditation through masochism...finding peace, in the pain of the flesh. I was lucky enough to have an amazing model for the shoot, in my friend Tim, who actually practices self impact play, and was able to do an amazing job with this project. The implement that we used was a bamboo and cane reed switch that was custom made by Orion's Belt out of Connecticut, and was handcrafted to fit something similar to what the flagellants would of used in medieval times. The project was shot with a Nikon D7200, using a high threshold on the editing to give it an almost dreamlike, drawing type atmosphere. I hope that you all take the time to check out the shoot in my portfolios, and I invite feedback!

  • Greetings...

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry I am horrible at keeping these up to date...a lot has been going on though! As far as my writing goes, my new poetry book Mirties Kauke; is now available on amazon (Link at the bottom). Mirties Kauke; is a book of reflections on mortality. I am also currently continuing on with my novel, which is making progress, and a collection of short bdsm themed horror/thriller stories.

    My indy press, Dead On A Doorstep is going strong, featuring New England writers, it is a free download for all! On the PDF portion of this site, you can snag all the issues!

    And on to my photography...my work was recently featured in Haunters Against Hate, the BLM edition ( https://www.hauntersagainsthate.com/), from a photoshoot I did with my good friend Peaches. Also, I am excited to announce that my project, I Want To See The Devil In Us All, is now on display at The Society in Hartford, CT. Just awaiting re-opening due to covid!

    More updates to come, I promise I will keep up better with them!

    -J Desade

    Mirties Kauke on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Mirties-Kauke-Josef-Desade/dp/B08HG8YCLC/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=josef+desade&qid=1601823864&sr=8-6

  • Corona Virus Boredom...

    For all of you that are bored, and stuck inside during this outbreak, I am for a limited time offering a free digital copy of We Were Sick With Laughter & Sick Ourselves in the PDF section. Also, you can grab the first two issues of Dead On A Doorstep there, as well!

  • New Portfolios up...

    Good morning everyone...

    Woke up early today so I finally got around to putting up some more portfolios. You can now view Reflections, which is a series of self portraits. Also up now, are a series of portraits of other people in a variety of styles. Framed 11x14 prints are available for a large amount of them as well, for anyone who may be interested.

  • Dead On A Doorstep Issue 2

    Issue 2 is now out! Featuring pieces from Camo Salve, Porcelain Rose Depino, Josef Desade, Danielle Lonergan, Zero Roze, Leala Daigle, Gigi Slater, Sarah Kerendian, and the one and only Michael Dassle! Dead On A Doorstep is free for all, so be sure to get your free download!

    Be sure to get your free copy on the PDF page!