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Lot 44
Lot 44

Disclaimer : The following scenes are extremely graphic and not intended for everyone. View at your own risk. All models were willing participants and 18+. Do not try this at home, severe or fatal injury can occur.
Artist Statement
“First Take”



1. enjoyment from seeing the pain or distress of others.

The fear of abduction. The fear of the unknown. What can happen away from prying eyes. These fears follow us from childhood...a chill at the back of the neck walking alone at night...a sense of anxiety when a stranger approaches you in a parking lot… but yet we have a morbid curiosity to become a fly on the wall, from a safe distance of course. The internet, with all of it’s dark corridors has become a peephole at which we crouch child like, peering into the depths of another’s hell, but always knowing that with just one click we find ourselves back in the safety of our homes as we push these sights out of mind.