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Scattered On The Wind
Scattered On The Wind

In this companion book to Desade's Tohu Wa-Bohu series, follow Bas as he travels back into the past on a journey seeking answers in an attempt to cleanse his soul.

"There was a fire that burned within; that lusted for the taste of sweat, tears, blood and other sultry fluids. He lived for experience, to feel truly alive in a world of facades. The ecstasy of carnal pleasures, to the self inflicted sorrow from physical pain; to feel life flowing through his soul. But all he saw around him were moving lips that spoke no words...distracted eyes with no vision...hollow mimicries of that which he sought. He was a drifter. Leaving behind words inscribed by skeletal hands, the ink running over the page with elegant grace; drying, just to fade on yellowed pages that were left unread. Perhaps the words were meaningless, better forgotten; fading like the faces he glimpsed in transient dreams...

Artwork by James Rosa
Published October 29, 2021