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Victoria - My common sense escaped the first hit I’d ever taken, like the cloud of smoke from my mouth, vanished into thin air. I’d dealt with many addictions, I’d ruined so many years of my life I could never get back, and it’s disgusting to me to think I’d run so hard for drugs that had no meaning, heroin represented death and I chased that killer high, telling myself I hope this one takes me out. Disappointed that I’d woken up following the nod or the next morning. Crack was the drug that represented desperation, to me I’d gone too far plenty of times to obtain my next high, lots of regrets and apologies, the trust I’d broken, the things I’d stolen, the people I hurt. I would have given my soul for that drug, I find myself itching for another hit, being sober as I am the feelings don’t ever go away, it just gets easier saying no.